Why natural gas is a smart investment:

With your help, natural gas vehicles can help America achieve a cleaner, safer and more prosperous future.

Even Canada Has Caught On:
In recent years production of natural gas from conventional sources in Canada has fallen, despite record levels of drilling and completion. With demand for natural gas continuing to grow, additional sources of natural gas needed to be found and attention has turned, increasingly, to what are deemed “unconventional” sources of natural gas. Natural gas from coal, or coalbed methane, is the natural gas from unconventional sources most widely known. This video serves as a primer about this increasingly important source of natural gas.   (hmmm.. clean coal? – I’m not quite sure about that)

Boone: Short & To The Point:
Pickens spoke before several members of Congress who are part of the Natural Gas Caucus. They are taking the lead on our road to victory.

60 min on CBS: Natural Gas & “Shalellionares”
I just want to know: Did the people who are suing the oil & gas companies who leased and drilled (practically & literally) in their backyards because of an accident think of that as something that could possibly happen or were they so interested in the money they would be getting that they forgot to consider that accidents happen everyday.. “in cars, on planes..”  The oil and gas industry is not exempt from human error.. but whatever it takes to get the money you want, right?  ridiculous.

Shale Oil as an Energy Solution:

Texas Pressure Drilling
When is a well a suitable candidate for managed pressure drilling? Is MPD reliable? What key technologies are advancing MPD? Brian Grayson, Weatherford, chairman of the IADC UBO & MPD Committee, discusses these issues and more with Mike Killalea, IADC group vice president/publisher, in an exclusive video interview. Other topics include the committees work developing recommended practices for MPD.


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