Contour Maps Showing Depth and Thickness of Eagle Ford Shale

Below are several maps of the Eagle Ford shale.

The name of the oil and gas play is frequently misspelled as “Eagleford”. The correct spelling is what is seen on this website.  (If you see it spelled incorrectly here that is for purposes of search engine location.) The Eagle Ford shale takes it’s name from the small town of Eagle Ford Texas, where it outcrops in North Texas near Dallas.

The following map is from Ross Smith Energy Group . They do not sell maps to the public.  It appears here with their permission. Please do not contact me requesting clearer copies. This is the only one.  This Eagle Ford shale map shows the trend from Mexico (where it obviously continues across the border as well) to East Texas. It shows the low pressure, oily section in the northern region, the condensate section in the middle and the dry gas section at the lower half. Although it is difficult to read the gray areas are Austin Chalk producing areas. Wherever you find Austin Chalk production you are likely to find Eagle Ford oil as well.

The Eagle Ford shale lies at different depths across South Texas.  The northern part of the Eagle Ford shale is becoming known as the “oil window” since it is mostly low pressure and liquid rich.  The central part of the play has been called the “condensate and gas window”, with higher pore pressures and more gas but still significant amounts of free liquids. Farther south in the more thermally mature deep Eagle Ford shale, high pressure dry gas is the general rule. The following map of Eagle Ford depth contour lines shows the shale anywhere from 2000 feet deep in southern Bexar County,to over 13,000′ farther south. Farther down the page is a map showing depths of the Eagle Ford shale to 17,000′ +.  Maps  of Eagle Ford shale depth below from Petrohawk Energy 

Second map of Eagle Ford shale depths:
Shows the depth of the Eagle Ford shale in southern Gonzales county at over 13,000′.  Both maps are from Petrohawk Energy.  In southern LaSalle county, in the dry gas window of the Eagle Ford shale, depths reach up to 15,000′.

The map below shows the thickness of the Eagle Ford shale in several key counties.

The following map of Eagle Ford shale depths is from the South Texas Geological Society and is an active link to their website.


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